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Hacktiv8's Impact

Hacktiv8's Impact Report showcases our impact in improving the lives of many people through SDG and ESG.

about us

Hacktiv8 is an immersive reskilling program called bootcamp that turns absolute beginners into job-ready digital talents.


Together, we empower lives through technology.

Since Hacktiv8 was founded in 2016, our mission has been to tackle one ambitious goal: revolutionizing Indonesia's digital landscape through technology education to drive digital transformation.

Thank you for making a difference

We work to close the talent gap in tech through our training programs. As of 2022, we celebrated reaching over 7,200 students trained.

Throughout Indonesia, we are proud to have empowered thousands of individuals with the skills they need to succeed in the fast-paced digital world. We have transformed the lives of over 550 individuals in 2022 alone and help build successful careers.


Our impact at a glance

1600+graduates have landed jobs in the tech industry
84%salary increase compared to before joining our program
800+hiring partners working with Hacktiv8 to provide job opportunities

We believe technology has the power to shape the world

We wanted to give people the opportunity to learn practical skills that would help them thrive in the tech industry. Our inaugural impact report showcases the incredible accomplishments of our graduates and the positive impact they're having on Indonesia's technology industry.

"We align our success with the success of our students and prioritize their achievement even after they complete our programs."

ronald ishakCo-Founder and CEO of Hacktiv8

Despite having no clear career path, working as a vacuum cleaning service agent and falling victim to a multi-level marketing scheme, Patra was able to transform his life by enrolling in Hacktiv8's Full Stack JavaScript bootcamp.

By joining the ISA program, Patra was able to focus on his studies without having the burden of paying upfront. After completing the program, he's now working in the IT industry and has improved his quality of life.

Stories of determination and success like Patra's are made possible by affordable access to tech education, and support from you.

meet patra dayanand


Accessible financing is helping to solve the skills gap in Indonesia's tech sector for thousands of aspiring professionals


Hacktiv8's unique ISA program offers deferral of tuition payments in exchange for a percentage of student's future income. We have deployed over 840 ISA contracts valued at over IDR 40+ billion up to date.

We continue to deliver the best hiring outcomes out of all the coding bootcamps in Indonesia, with an average hiring percentage of 88% within 90 days.

Unlock digital transformation with our programs. Elevate your career now and succeed like never before!

We nurture tech talents, empower individuals with digital skills, and drive growth in Indonesia's tech sector. Together, we can drive innovation and shape the future of Indonesia.

Download the full 2022 Impact Report here.
Be a part in making a difference in Indonesia's education and tech space!